Lifewords is an international organisation. 

With a head office in London, Lifewords has offices in multiple locations around the world.

Dan Hardie Director, Aust-NZ

Dan has worked with Lifewords since 2005, initially in product and program development, and now serving as the Australian Director. As a former Churches of Christ pastor and with years of experience as a professional adolescent counsellor, he is passionate about our work among the vulnerable and at-risk.


Contact Dan for: legacies, partnership and development

Dan Hardie

Vera Kuswara Administration, Aust-NZ

Vera has served with Lifewords for more than 3 decades and is on first-name basis with hundreds of donors, booklet users and partners. Vera loves to see the Bible's life words bring healing and hope to many. 


Contact Vera for: booklet orders, database changes, and admin 

Vera Kuswara


Lifewords Australia-New Zealand is part of the global Lifewords family of organisations. With a head office in London, Lifewords was formerly Scripture Gift Mission and has work in dozens of countries around the world. Locally, the Australian office is supported by a Board of Trustees led by Chairman, Rob Reeve. 


The International Executive Team is: 

John Harris, UK 

Steve Bassett, UK

Clenir Dos Santos, Brazil

Jarek Jankowski, Poland

Dan Hardie, Australia