Consider the Wildflowers

There are a staggering 33 million women working in prostitution worldwide. We’re working to resource vulnerable women with life words in a language they can understand, helping them discover a new hope. Can you help too?

Help vulnerable women

Everyone should experience love without prejudice.  

Consider the Wildflowers is a fresh and unconventional Bible booklet. Written with the women and staff of Luton-based Azalea – a charity that supports women caught in sexual exploitation – the booklet combines Bible text with women's real life stories. It speaks especially to those who have experienced chaos, shame, or even abuse.

Following the popular use of the English edition we now want to make this booklet available in Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish so that thousands more women can experience God's restorative peace and love. Will you help us meet the translation and printing costs of 10,000 copies to meet this urgent need? 

We've so far raised a total of £2,650 with the help of LCWords subscribers, and a classic bake sale in the UK office! We'd now love to raise an additional £850 and reach our target of £3,500.

Each booklet will be given for free removing the barrier of cost. These new language versions will be pocket-sized, so that they can be shared with women on the streets, as well as in projects and drop-in centres.